A Band Teacher Making A Difference

I wasn’t the typical band geek in high school. It was a requirement to either take chorus or band, and anyone who has heard me sing knows that was never going to be my strong point. So band it was.

Because I wasn’t particularally musically inclined, I found it difficult to focus in band practice. Many of my teachers were harsh with anyone who was not a prodigy, and I felt defeated each time I left the room. But one teacher saw my struggle and reached out to me.

He was a saxophone player Manchester, but was willing to help a struggling drummer find her coordination and rhythm. He offered private lessons, constructive criticism, and heaps of encouragement. He made band fun. He made music fun.

I no longer take band, and I am far from a professional drummer. But I’ve never forgotten his kindness and support, and will occasionally tap out a few beats in his honor.


See The Possibilities!

Glass is used everywhere: windows, jars, cars, and more! Many people recycle glass jars and bottles used for food and drink but where does it end up? Recycled glass media is created from existing glass then used in manufacturing and construction industries. There are several benefits to recycled versus new glass products. Silica is found in new glass in the form of a fine dust that can stick to worker’s lungs and have negative long term effects. Recycled glass used in the blasting process is silica- free helping people to be healthier and the environment by reusing preexisting items. It also creates a much whiter end product when used in sandblasting. Recycled crushed glass is available for purchase in bulk quantities from various supply companies. Consider using recycled glass in your next blasting project and see the difference in the quality of the finished product; help yourself and the environment!


Finding the Help I Needed

When I was looking for help recently in regard to an exhibition that I was going to be a part of I didn’t know where to turn. My friend suggested that I look to the local high school and see if anyone there would be able to give me the help that I needed. I was able to gather the names of a number of students who were looking for the chance to get paid a bit and help me out, and I used that group as my exhibition staff London. I ended up with the very staff that I needed, a group of individuals that were enthusiastic and helpful in every way. The teens that I hired were excited to be working for me, and the excitement that they possessed allowed them to be at their best and to be just what I was seeking.


A Short Quiz

Over the years I had experienced some hearing loss and never realized because it happened gradually. I was online about a year ago and I took a hearing loss quiz that only took a few moments of my time. The quiz was about 15 questions that I answered honestly and the results of my quiz where that I had a severe hearing handicap.

I right away scheduled an appointment with my local Ear Institute to get this problem looked at. The physician recommended that I needed to look into the different types of Stockport hearing aids that would best fit my needs and my budget. I picked one out and now I can hear better and do not have to be embarrassed going out with my friends socially, I can hear a pin drop now!


Would you shave your head for a music video?

I am going to visit a bridal makeup artist Manchester in a few weeks to get a consultation for a new look for my face. The reason? I am going to be shaving my head for a music video I am going to be in, but I still want my makeup to look feminine. Even if I will be walking around without hair for a few months.

All my life, I have wanted to shave my head but have never had the opportunity to do it due to needing to look a certain more acceptable way for work.

Nowadays, however, I work for myself so, when a friend asked me if I would like to be in his new music video but, then told me it would require shaving my head, I jumped at the chance. After all, not only have I always wanted a shaved head, now I have an excuse to do it.

Even with a shaved head, though, I still want to look feminine. Hence, the makeup consultation. Let’s face it, even women with no hair can still be beautiful.


Door to Door

There are many types of marketing experiences out there once you become part of a business. Taking from personal experience, it’s been easy to find a place in owning my own businesses.

Most of the time spent researching for my business, experiential marketing was the most important thing to educate myself on as a business owner. The work day didn’t begin properly until a marketing plan was in motion.

Advertising to your audience is the most important aspect of marketing. With that, you also need materials to market with. Most business prefer flyers, online advertisements, door hangers, coupons, etc.

There was a part of owning my own business and experiencing marketing when a special new product was showcased. The sales team working decided to pool together with some fluorescent paper flyers advertising the snazzy new product with big, black and bold letters and numbers. It was important to be eye catching. The team then went door to door, vehicle to vehicle leaving the flyers. This ultimately brought in new clients and a steady business when numbers were needed.

Marketing is the backbone of any successful business and it continues to be going forward as a business owner.


Wedding Made Perfect

I was so nervous as me and my fiance were deciding just who we would have playing music at our wedding. He wanted a friend of his and I wanted a professional. We were in a disagreement so big that I almost thought that we might have to call off the wedding. Then, someone recommended an events violinist to us and we listened to the kind of music that this man could play. We were very happy with the results and we finally had a musician that we could agree upon. We found that the man that we choose was just the right pick, and we were very happy with our choice. The wedding was perfect, and we were both happy with our choice in regard to music. Everything turned out beautifully.


Sweet Tea and Cookies

Mr. Dean and I are getting together with the ladies to play bridge.

I’ll bring delicious cookies while Mr. Dean will be making sweet tea.

This sweet tea is a new blend Mr. Dean has concocted from ground silica; it’s exciting because I love my tea. He experiments with different blends in turn coming up with special cookie ideas for him is enjoyable, although life long friends nevertheless, in addition to our playing bridge we have also enjoyed having the same hobby with cooking anyway, there’s much ado to be ready for our game of bridge provided the ladies get here on time. We must be ready!

I’m here to setup Mr. Dean. I’ve brought my best batch of cookies. Mr. Si I’m thrilled you’re here, as it won’t be long before the ladies arrive, I’ve made special recipe today I call it Environmental Sweet Tea!